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About Wheelstops Melbourne

We are a local business located in Heidleberg, Victoria. With local manufacturing facilities and a friendly team on stand by we are equipped to service your requests.

NJM Group was founded in 1992 with six employees in a 32 sq. metre facility. They began providing services to Universities, local and regional manufacturing Companies and Shell Australia within Victoria and Tasmania.

Today, NJM Group have expanded to incorporate Mining Companies, Railway Stations, local Councils and Shopping Centres Australia Wide and service customers from their 1,700 sq. metre warehouse/factory in Heidelberg West. We manufacture and distribute products which range from, but are not limited to:

  • Bollards
  • Handrails
  • Bike racks
  • Speed humps
  • Wheel stops
  • Variable rate boards
  • Steel staircases and structural steel beams.

We also provide engineering services such as steel fabrications, general steel repairs and deliver building and office maintenance/renovations. We have a range of Electronic Display Solutions and manufacture and supply components for the Ski Data systems. Our products are manufactured locally in our Heidelberg West factory; if we don’t have a bollard that suits your needs we can custom design a bollard to your exact requirements. We also offer a same day delivery service.

We Stock. We Supply. We Deliver. We Site Install. We Maintain. Australia Wide.

At NJM Group “Service & Quality” shape our philosophy. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our staff are engaged in direct sales and customer service and we believe there is no substitute for direct personal communication. Our team actively strives to learn and understand each of our customer’s service needs and product requirements. We offer superior quality products and proactively pursue faster and more efficient techniques to improve the cost and quality of our products and services. We recognise that to better service our customers and to be productive and profitable, we must adopt new technologies and innovations beyond the traditional methods of the electrical & industrial supply industry.

The next step for NJM Group is to increase our status as a Current Preferred Domestic Supplier of our services and to become a competitive International supplier of our superior Bollard Product.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

Wheelstops Melbourne – We Stock, We Service and We Install. Australia wide service.

Our Products In Action

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

What is a Wheel Stop?

The Australian Bollards WHEEL STOP is part of the Australian Bollards car park solutions range that offers a superior level of protection, particularly areas where a combination of vehicles and pedestrians are present.

Wheel stops are most commonly used in parking lots and underground car parks to prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles, buildings, garden beds or from obstructing pedestrian walkways.
Australian Bollards offers four different variations of wheel stops – recycled rubber, galvanised steel, concrete and truck enforcer – which all comply with current Australian Standards AS2890.1:2004 for compliant physical dimensions in Australia. They can be installed on both concrete and asphalt surfaces to suit your specific site installation.

Wheel stops provide the ideal solution for controlling the kerb overhang where it is inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians, inhibiting contact with an end barrier or high kerb and also inhibiting encroachment into an opposing car parking space.

We provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution which should be an essential inclusion in any car parking facility. Our wheel stops will not chip, distort, disintegrate or corrode in various weather conditions and are resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations, making them the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor parking situations.

NJM Group Australian Bollards’ premium wheel stops shall be between 90mm and 100mm in height, and a width of 1650mm +/-50mm.If wheel stops are provided to restrain vehicle contact with a kerb that is higher than 150mm or a wall, a further 200mm shall be added to the wheel stop distance in order to comply with Australian Standards.

NJM Group Australian Bollards’ premium wheel stops are ideal for effective delineation of parking and for use in the protection of walls, vehicles and other valuables in all garages and surfaces parking applications.

Australian Bollards provides its one-stop service to its clients with everything for wheel stops, inclusive of custom manufacture, installation if required, and annual service maintenance to keep the product looking like new.


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